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Do you do business with Turkey? Then you need an ATR document.

The certificate is designed to facilitate trade between Turkey and countries of the European Union. Together with Turkey, the EU forms a customs union. This allows you to import goods from Turkey without import duties. The origin of the goods is recorded in the ATR document. Your supplier from Turkey applies for the certificate at the Turkish customs. You can also use an ATR document for the export of products to Turkey.

Although Turkey's customs union with the European Union exempts products originating in the EU from customs duties when exported to Turkey, some products have recently been subject to additional duties. The European Commission has drawn up a list of products subject to these additional duties.

Do you, as an exporter, want to export products to Turkey?

Then you can also fill in the ATR document. This can be arranged for you at Sintrex . Do you need help with obtaining or completing an ATR document? Then please contact Sintrex, your partner in the field of transport and logistics.

Why leave your ATR document to Sintrex ?

Call on Sintrex for help with your ATR document. We have been offering our knowledge and expertise in transport and logistics since 1989. We have thus gained the necessary experience since that time. Leave the care of your ATR document to Sintrex :

Excluded products ATR certificate

The ATR document cannot be used for most agricultural goods and certain steel products. These products are not covered by the customs union with Turkey.

A reduction in import duties can only be obtained for these products if a EUR.1, EUR-MED document or invoice declaration is presented to the customs authorities in the importing country. The products must be of preferential origin.

If no document or invoice declaration can be used, the import is subject to the import duty rate of the product concerned.


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