Import of goods outside EU

Import of goods outside the EU

Are you a company looking for a reliable partner to arrange the import of your goods from outside the EU?

Transport company Sintrex can help you with this.

Sintrex can provide you with the necessary import documents if you want to bring products from abroad to the Netherlands. With import you have to deal with customs and transport documents. Sintrex is specialized in this work and will gladly take it off your hands. You can then continue to focus on other important things, and we will ensure that you can have your goods imported with peace of mind. From transport to customs formalities and the storage of goods; Sintrex offers it all under one roof. It is up to you which facilities you want to use.

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At Sintrex the customer always comes first; the customer is king. We do our utmost to provide you with the right documents as quickly as possible, so that your transport runs as smoothly as possible. We are fully independent and strictly neutral. Your transport and optional customs formalities and temporary or permanent storage will be taken care of professionally and quickly at affordable prices. Just as you can come to us for arranging the import of your goods from outside the EU, you can come to us for a total of:

  • Customs import: complete import
  • Customs export: export outside the EU
  • Customs formalities: necessary certificates
  • Transport: large and small transports in and outside Europe
  • Urgent transport: large and small urgent transports
  • Goods storage: temporary storage secured, heated warehouse
  • Locations: Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Latvia

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