T1 document

T1 document

Do you need a T1 document? Sintrex is a company of customs agents. We can take care of all import and export formalities for you.

Import duties must be paid on all products that you wish to import. However, this is only required when the goods are cleared through customs. As long as that does not happen, the product can be transported under supervision of a T1 document. We will be happy to arrange this document for you.

Without any problems, your goods will be transported or even pass through the EU. In most cases, a T1 document is about non-Community goods, they are not from the European Union and they are at Schiphol Airport or the port of Rotterdam. The goods are under customs supervision. Sintrex can arrange the required T1 document for you, so the transport of your goods within the European Union can continue without problems.

How do we create a T1 document?

For shipments under "customs supervision", for example, Sintrex produces a T1 document from a customs warehouse, such as Schiphol Airport or Rotterdam, to another Depot, Entrepot or another country. VAT and import duties are only paid by the recipient at the time of final clearance.

As long as the goods remain under supervision, there is no need for payment. This often happens with shipments through the EU to non-European countries. In this case, the risk of purification and correct finishing lies with us, although we do not always have this fully under control.

T2 and TL2

For goods that you export via EFTA countries like Switzerland or Norway, you need a Transit T2 transport document. This document must refer to the previous export document EU A. In contrast to the transport document T1, this concerns Community goods (free goods). The export declaration is completed at the customs office of departure.

A TL2 document is needed if you ship goods to another country within the European Union by sea-going vessel. With this document you show that the goods really originate from the European Union. In this way all kinds of difficult customs actions are prevented.


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In all other European countries, we work together with local partners. By having the right people in the right place, we can always guarantee optimal service and personal contact.

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Do you want more information about a T1, T2 or TL2 document? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help. For everything concerning transport within and outside the EU, Sintrex is the right address. Besides taking care of customs formalities, you can also contact us for transport and storage.

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