Conditioned transport

Conditioned transport

Are you looking for a transport company that offers conditioned transport? We at Sintrex Transport Service BV will be happy to arrange conditioned transport to a variety of countries within and outside Europe. We guarantee a worry-free and high-quality service. We also arrange customs formalities and secure storage. And our small team is at work 6 days a week, 24 hours a day to ensure that your transport goes smoothly.

Why conditioned transport by Sintrex Transport Service BV?

Sintrex Transport Service BV is a fully independent and strictly neutral international transport company from the Netherlands. If you engage us and outsource your conditioned transport to us, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Global transport;
  • Specialised in conditioned transport to France, Germany, England, Russia and Italy;
  • High-quality service;
  • Flexibility, accuracy and reliability;
  • Express transport, also possible on public holidays;
  • Smooth transport;
  • Adhere to HACCP protocols and ATP regulations;
  • ATP approved vehicles.

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What is conditioned transport?

Temperature-controlled transport is especially for goods that have to be transported under special conditions. Perishable goods, such as fresh vegetables, frozen fruit, plants and picked flowers are just a few examples. These conditioned foods need to be transported in a controlled atmosphere without unnecessary loss of quality.

The nature of the product therefore imposes requirements on the way it is transported. In other words: every special requirement to the circumstances under which the product is transported amounts to conditioned transport. The most common form of conditioned transport in the Netherlands is refrigerated transport of perishable goods.

Three forms of conditioned transport

Besides refrigerated transport, there are two other forms of conditioned transport. We have listed the three forms for you:

  • Frozen transport: all products that can melt or are already frozen must be transported via the frozen transport.
  • Refrigerated transport: Transport of all cargoes containing goods that spoil if not refrigerated.
  • Heated transport: Some products are heated and need to arrive at their destination warm. That is why heated transport also falls under conditioned transport.

Legislation on conditioned transport: HACCP and ATP

All forms of conditioned transport have in common that they must comply with international legislation. The ATP quality mark and the HACCP control system are the most important measures. The HACCP protocol is a control system to guarantee the quality of the goods, for the benefit of the health of the user.

ATP sticker on a conditioned vehicle

ATP stands for Accord Transport Perishables and is an agreement that applies to the international transport of perishable products. Approved refrigerated and freezer vehicles must be used for the transport. Depending on the type of perishable goods to be transported, the cargo space can be built up, and most vehicles use a specific temperature control system. These vehicles are provided with an ATP sticker. This indicates the insulation value, the temperature range and the type of vehicle.

International transport to European countries

As international transport company we specialise in conditioned transport. Our drivers have the specific knowledge and know the regulations and legislation in this area. Our vehicles are also suitable for this type of transport.

We provide conditioned transport to most countries in Europe. The most important countries are:

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  • Global transports
  • High-quality service
  • In accordance with HACCP and ATP
  • ATP-approved vehicles