Intrastat declaration

Intrastat declaration

Sintrex can help you with the Intrastat declaration. Do you trade with countries within Europe? Then you are obliged to provide information about your transport to the CBS.

When the Internal Market came into being in 1993, customs formalities for trade with countries in the European Union were abolished. Naturally, the need for information on trade between European countries remained.

Within the EU, trade is of great economic importance. Of the Dutch imports, 54% originate from EU countries. Of our own exports, 72% are sold in EU countries. The EU uses the INTRASTAT system to meet the information needs on trade. Trade data are supplied directly by entrepreneurs to the statistical services in the member states. In the Netherlands, the data must be submitted to Statistics Netherlands.

Sintrex can assess for you whether you are obliged to declare and relieve you of the burden by taking the Intrastat declaration off your hands.

So you can be sure that you are in good hands. Feel free to contact us for more information on our services.

Have your intrastat declaration handled by Sintrex

The Intrastat system applies to all trade in goods within the EU, with the exception of customs goods. Data on trade with non-EU countries is compiled from customs declarations.

We understand that this declaration is time-consuming and will be happy to relieve you of this burden.

It is possible to have your declaration handled by a third party such as Sintrex. It is our aim to prepare good documents in a short period of time. We have more than 30 years of experience in the field of import, export, fiscal services and customs formalities. Your declaration is in good hands with us.

What data is needed?

Not every company is obliged to report to Intrastat. There are rules and conditions drawn up for companies that determine whether or not a company is required to submit a declaration. Sintrex can find this out for you. With the declaration itself, various data must be handed over. A European standard has been developed for the Intrastat declaration. The following characteristics have to be specified:

  • The Member State of origin/destination
  • The nature of the transaction
  • The mode of transport
  • The 8-digit commodity code
  • The statistical system
  • The quantity of goods (measure or weight)
  • The invoice value of the goods


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